My new favorite social network

Ummm, Pinterest; is the most wonderful timesuck on the web, guys!  It’s old news by now (kind of) but I wanted to share my experiences, thus far.  I’m not going to go into how to use the site, or show screenshots of my boards, there are thousands of other resources you can go to for that. Instead I’d like to explore why; this site is now one of my top-checked sites.

So the old adage says a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s where Pinterest has it’s strengths. There’s no bogging it down with posts like Facebook or Twitter, there’s not competition for points and badges like FourSquare. It’s all about finding, sharing and searching for relevant content that resonates with you, in picture or video format. Even if you don’t have a single friend on Pinterest, you can still follow and pin things that are relevant . But if you do have friends on Pinterest, it can be totally collaborative, whether planning a wedding, garden or bathroom remodel, your friends can share pins on your boards, and you can share on theirs (as long as settings allow.)

But what I think captures people is that it’s aspirational. You can dream of all the amazing places you want to go, find recipes you  never thought of, discover DIY crafts you need to do, and more. I have always loved travel but now I am discovering that I want to go places I never thought of before… like Scandinavia and eastern Europe. Without a doubt my travel board is my biggest and most active board. I am getting inspired to reuse things in my house in different ways, and I am finding new sewing resources (a skill I am reteaching myself.)

So go, check it out! Even if you just browse for a bit, I think you will be hooked. And if not, share your favorite sites in the comments.


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