Squeaky and the Mooch

Ok, so I really believe a true test of a person’s character is how they treat people they view and treat animals. This statement comes from two very specific instances that have occurred over the last few weeks.  Squeaky and the Mooch. Which yes, sounds funny, but it’s really not.

Two Mondays ago, my boyfriend made a Walgreens run to grab some catfood, when he saw a tiny kitten with its eyes crusted shut by the trashcan. Being a cat person, he grabbed some stuff in Walgreens, came out and started cleaning the eyes out. There were a few other people helping him, but he saw this little bit was just too small to leave there, so he brought the kitten home in a box, mixed up some food and when the kitten wouldn’t eat, he squirted liquid food into his mouth.  Enter Squeaky. 

I get home and see this puffy, tiny thing and my heart breaks. Who could abandon something so small? And why not in front of a vet’s office or something? If you are going to abandon something so small and sick, at least take it to a place where someone is medically qualified to care for him.  Anyways, long story short, we took squeaky to the vet, gave him meds and nursed him since he wouldn’t eat. Wednesday he looked significantly better, Thursday he nosedived and Saturday we had no choice to put him to sleep. It’s so heartbreaking to watch something like that happen, and so infuriating to know that this cat could have lived had someone cared enough to take it to the vet even a few days before we found him. Instead Squeaky was left by a trashcan at 4 weeks old, and .6 pounds at most.

In the meantime, we have another kitten that has been eating out of my outdoor cat’s food bowl. We come to find out that the renters next to us moved out and left the cat. “Whatever, it’s just a cat” was probably their mentality. Enter the Mooch.

Whether or not you like cats, abandoning any animal is irresponsible and unethical. Animals, especially cats, will eventually revert to a feral nature and become dangerous to other animals, kids and adults. Especially if they start having babies and/or have Rabies or some other communicable diseases.  We’ve been monitoring and this cat seems healthy enough at least.  I’ve tentatively handled her and she is a skittish but sweet thing. Once you hold her and sit still she is a little purr monster as she has obviously been neglected and the only attention she has been getting is from my cat.

So what’s the plan? We aren’t keeping her, but we are going to take her to our vet to get her shots and fixed (it’s a much better option than have her eventually drop kittens in my yard.) Hopefully we can find a home for her because while  I love animals, but I am not prepared to start the Westchester Cat Rescue.

So the people responsible for Squeaky and Mooch? Obviously they are selfish, low-class, irresponsible people who should never own animals. Regardless of a personal or financial situation, if you take on the ownership of a pet and you can no longer care for it, there are many better options than just abandoning it without a thought or a care of what will happen to it. 

And one more thing – spay and neuter your pets. There are way too many without homes as is, and thousands are put down daily in animal shelters across the country.


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