Pots, Pans and Parties

I don’t think I need to recap game 5 of the NBA finals except to say, HEEEAAAAAT!

Seriously, they played their hearts out during this game, it was probably the best I have ever seen. And Mike Miller! OMG. I have so much respect for him, particularly how he plays through pain, and he played so well tonight.  

But that’s not the point of this. The point is the afterparty. I often try to describe how crazy Miami can get when the Heat win (or when there’s a particularly convincing rumor that Castro has died.)  Specifically how people congregate to the Cuban restaurant down the street from our condo – La Carreta.

Whenever there’s cause to rally or celebrate, people flock to La Carreta with pots and pans, banging them in rhythms, screaming and dancing.  It’s hilarious.  Tonight my friends was one of those nights.  As soon as we realized OKC had no chance of coming back, we hopped on our bikes and ran down there. Cars were rolling down Bird Road with people hanging out, screaming, waving Heat flags and banging pots.  (There was even a mummy, although sadly I did not get a picture.)  When we got to La Carreta there were camera crews, DJs, and the streets were blocked off by the police.  I of course grabbed a bunch of video for you to enjoy (I apologize for the quality, they were all shot from my phone):


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