Summer Stripes

I don’t know about all of you but lately I am hating most of the fashion that’s out there.  Everything that was wrong about the 90s seems to have reared it’s ugly head — from acid wash denim to lazily-designed, ill-fitting tops. I mean, come on people! There is nothing flattering about a pair of too-tight pants paired with what is essentially a short rectangle of fabric that poses as a shirt!

For those of us who are short and even somewhat curvy, everything makes us look like a pregnant moose. Not cute.

So anyways, I’ve been looking for new summer shirts, and one of the few things that are in style that I like are stripes. I love them, but sometimes they aren’t so flattering. Then I found these shirts at Gap, and they are so comfortable and summery. I love how whimsical and laid back the watercolor effect is. Plus this could be worn with a cute pair of cropped black pants and wedges for a business-casual work day.  I bought the blue one, but am kind of tempted to go back for the pink as well.

Have you found any must-have summer pieces that you want to share?


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