How is it already Sunday?!?! This is an outrage!

Anyway, on to the point.  The last and final stop in our Pacific Northwest adventure lead us north to Seattle.  As we headed north the landscape stayed wooded, but gone were the bright greens of Northern California, and the color took on a cooler, darker green.  Also, the rainy, cloudy environment that Seattle is known for held off – to which we were very thankful.

Seattle is a cool place.  We stayed in the middle of downtown, only about 4 or 5 blocks from the Pike Place Market.  We noticed a large amount of homeless people seem to congregate around that area, but it was a very chill environment.

We of course did the touristy stops through the market to watch them throw fish, and walked through the different vendors.  But what really stood out to both of us was the vibrancy of the flowers. No one really talks about this. I would say that the flowers were actually my favorite part – well that and the food. And the  coffee.

For real people, Seattle has amazing food. Every meal we had was mouth-watering delicious and I am still thinking about the meals, the drinks and the coffee we had.  Seattle is serious about all of these things. You can walk into the original Starbucks and grab a coffee, which is cool for anyone who is a die-hard Starbucks fan. You can also pop into a million different little places and grab an amazing cup of coffee or tea.

We also went to the Space Needle, which was cool. We got there in the morning when the line wasn’t too bad.  Afterwards we wandered down to the water, by way of a pretty little botanical garden. We meandered back towards the main area, popping into boutiques and vintage shops and taking pictures of random totem poles.  We also popped into a few Innuit-inspired art galleries which were very cool.

While the city didn’t grab me the way that California does, Seattle is a very laid back town with lots of cool  things to see and do. We didn’t have a lot of time to really explore, but I liked the uniqueness of this low-key, Northwestern town.


Seattle, a set on Flickr.


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