A summer treat


A summer treat – Strawberry Lemonade with homegrown mint

South Florida summers are no joke! Hot, humid and sticky, it’s hard to feel cool and refreshed throughout the day. To combat this, El Hombre and I concocted something new (for us) – strawberry lemonade.  It’s sweet and tart, and after a few sips you feel refreshed again. Plus it’s so easy that you can’t justify not trying it.

All we did was this:

about 7-8 strawberries, juiced

4 lemons, juiced

Water and sugar to taste

A handful of homegrown mint, juiced and garnish.

Just shake it all up and enjoy! We like our lemonade tart, so I definitely recommend feeling that out.  Also, we didn’t use the strawberries straightaway.  We let them sit for a few days so they were extra sweet.

Plus, lemons have lots of health benefits – so not only is it refreshing but it’s also good for you (as long as you control the sugar


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