Political thoughts

Full disclosure – this post is not endorsing any political candidate, nor espousing any particular political views.

I believe in any political situation, it’s highly, highly important to listen to both sides with as much of an open mind as you possibly can.  It’s easy to get away with high emotions and talking heads spewing vitriolic hatred all over every media channel, but I believe these things are a huge detriment to our political foundation as it stands today.

You see, politicians are people. You won’t agree with them all the time, but you may listen and find yourself agreeing with points, or at least understanding the point of view of someone from a different social or political point of view.

Now, I watched parts of both the RNC and the DNC, and one thing that struck me about all the people speaking is their passion and their drive. In all the hubbub, I think most of us don’t realize that this is the hardest job in the US. Whoever sits in that chair is faced with situations and decisions that most can’t and won’t face.  They are the first one attacked when a bill is passed or vetoed in congress or the senate. This ages people. I mean, I get stressed out at my 9-5. I know I could never handle the pressures that these people face every day.

I feel that both of these candidates and their families truly believe and feel passionate about their plans to continue to make this country strong. While I don’t agree with every point, I think we all need to take a step back and recognize that focusing on petty things makes us continuously petty.  

Also, I should note that I have already hidden and blocked people from my Facebook and Twitter accounts if they are sharing inaccurate, hateful or angry posts. I’m not going to continue to feed into bashing people based on their color, name, religion, socio-economic status, the socio-economic status of their wives, etc. 


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