Amblin’ towards Austin

It’s no great secret that I have a penchant for exploring new places, but I’ll admit that I do have my reservations about certain places.  Before March, one of the places I was never interested in was Texas. I have heard horrible things about the miserable heat, ultra-conservatives, huge cockroaches and enormous urban sprawl.  But one of my very good friends is living in Houston while getting her Ph.D. and she has been going through a rough time, so I visited her and we road tripped to San Antonio.  Guys, San Antonio is beautiful, and the parts of Houston I visited were also super quaint and pretty.  Plus the tacos are delicious and the vibe was super laid-back and chill.

So for the last few months, I’ve been putting a long-weekend trip to Austin on our travel front-burner. El Hombre has a friend there and we have both heard phenomenal things about it.  So when we were thinking about what to do for our 5 year anniversary, it just happened that Austin came up on No Reservations.  So long story short, we are headed out there in October to eat lots of BBQ, listen to music and chill out in a new spot. And I couldn’t be more pumped!

Austin, TX


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