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Zoe comes to town


For those of you who may not be aware, I am a tribal bellydancer.  I perform with two different troops at my studio, and have been dancing off and on for years.

So today I am super excited to be taking a workshop with one of my favorite dancers, Zoe Jakes.  She’s a tribal fusion bellydancer based in California and is known throughout the bellydance world for her fluidity, style and pops and locks.  She’s awesome.  And she is teaching a sold out workshop today.  So I am taking off from work early to catch the workshop and then to see Beats Antique later tonight at the Culture Room.

Just for a taste, here’s a video of her performing at the Massive Spectacular last year.


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4 thoughts on “Zoe comes to town

  1. So lucky!! I’m a student at Solstice Studio in NYC. Last time Zoe did a workshop here, it was sold out by the time I clicked the button to pay. Enjoy and learn lots!

    • Hi Nofretiri! It was awesome, but definitely a workout. I took a workshop once before with Zoe at Tribal fest and loved it! Your studio sounds familiar — do you guys put out videos? One of my teachers was up in NYC to film a performance for a video a few years ago.

      • I’d love to go to TribalFest one year! All the classes look like so much fun and really intense. Solstice has quite a few videos up on YouTube of performances at Tribal Fest and they’re at Rakkasah East today. If you’ve heard of/seen Solstice Ensemble, that’s our studio!

      • Tribal fest is awesome! The classes are great and the vibe is very chill, relaxed and friendly. You should go if you get the chance!

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