Battle of the Blogs

For many years I maintained another blog – 305 Misadventures – with a friend of mine. The idea was born one day when we were swapping stories over lunch about the weird things that we had experienced since moving to Miami.  One of us randomly said “We should really start a blog about this, this kind of stuff doesn’t happen anywhere else.”  And thus 305 was born.

After a while, my friend slowed down on the blogging. She had met her future husband and between work and life, it was just too much.  About a year after that I got a job in Boca and was commuting for about 2.5 hours each way on the Tri-rail (which surprisingly does not have wireless.)  By the time I got home I was mentally exhausted.

Fast forward two years. I have a new job which is much closer and I am finding myself inspired to write again.  But every time I try to pick up 305, it just feels forced. At the same time I decided that I needed to teach myself about the WordPress platform.  Afterall, you always hear about WordPress, Wordcamps, etc. But not about Blogger.  Thus the birth of Amaro e Dolce.

I have learned that I cannot confine myself to one beat on a blog.  I still post in 305 when it’s relevant, and I think it’s a great resource for people looking for off-the-beaten-path adventures in South Florida.  I also think that the Google platform is a bit more user friendly and the analytics are definitely more robust. But I like this new space to express my random ideas and musings better.

So for those of you wondering — that’s why I chose to focus more on this blog, rather than the one with a more established readership for this challenge.  Here’s to a fresh start and new beginnings!


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