7 tips for handling stress

Stress happens. It does. No matter how well-balanced you are, there comes a point where life just gets crazy.  My life has been crazy for the last couple of months and I really started feeling it mentally and physically. I had no energy and I know that I was not fun to be around at times.

So how do you handle it? I mean, we only have so long in this place so why waste it by being stressed?  It’s different for everyone, but this is what works for me:

1. Acknowledge it. Tell yourself, “okay, I’m pretty stressed out right now.” The first step is admitting it people.

2. Decompress.  Literally.  Stress does some horrible things to your body. So take a few minutes to stretch. (Warning. It’s going to hurt.)

3. Get out. Take a walk, take a weekend trip (if you can afford it.) Get some fresh air.

4. Break the cycle. If you are in front of the computer all day, take a day to do everything but that.  The more you repeat the same activities that cause you stress, the more your brain connects that activity to mounting stress levels.

5. Work it out.  I am a bit of an exercise fanatic, and I swear by getting your blood flowing to relieve stress.

6. Do something to treat yourself.

7. Spend time with your friends. It’s easy to fall into a cycle where you go to work, go home and repeat. Where is your time to blow off steam with friends and family? It’s amazing how this will help rejuvenate you.


Please note, I am not a doctor, nor a psychologist. I’m just a person with typically high amounts of stress. These are all things that work for me.  What do you do to manage your stress level?



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