A confession

Yesterday, in my attempt to come up with content for this blogging challenge, I asked one of my friends for suggestions. Afterall, she’s a Ph.D. in poetry, and we have known each other for more than 10 years.  Her suggestion was to share some of my stories from when I first moved here.  My reaction? “Oh boy.”

So, in an attempt to be authentic, I thought I would share a story about one of my old roommates (affectionately nicknamed “the psycho”) and how she drove me to commit one of the most spiteful things I have ever done.

So to preface it, this girl was crazy.  Not in a good, funny way. No, she was crazy In a “totally bat shit kill you in your sleep” sort of way.  She seemed normal enough when we first signed the lease.  Then her boyfriend moved in. But he couldn’t be on any of the bills or the lease because he was illegal.  Then he brought his dog – a husky that they never walked or payed any attention to.  Then his sister, her boyfriend and their baby moved in.

Throughout our living arrangements, it became abundantly clear that the boyfriend was only with this girl to marry her for papers.  Clear to everyone but her.  She because rabidly, crazy obsessed (probably because he was obviously cheating on her). She would scream in my face for walking the dog (you know, so he could go to the bathroom outside, instead of in the house.) She would accuse me of trying to steal her boyfriend.  It got to the point that I threatened to call the cops.

Then she got worse. I would be watching my tv and she would try to wheel it away into her room. She hid the bills so that they got paid late. She randomly didn’t pay her portion of the rent. She would leave the front door unlocked – one day I caught a homeless guy trying to get in.

So I moved out a month early with no notice. I also took everything that was mine, which included all the furniture, all the dishes, all the utensils, all the cooking wear. And my TV.  Then I helped the boyfriend’s sister and her family move out because they also hated her. Did I mention that the boyfriend and his gaggle of family members always took my side?

And then I cut off all the bills.  And you know what? I still don’t regret it.


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