Around the interwebs

Guys, blogging every day is hard! Seriously! Some days – like today – I am at a loss for words. Other days the ideas just won’t stop.

So on days like today I search out inspiration around the net (going on YouTube and Pinterest is very dangerous. Both sites are like a black hole to me.)  Here’s a sampling of some of the stuff that caught my eye:

This post on starting fresh was interesting. I remember being at that point. It’s scary and thrilling all at once.

50 Wine Facts (my friend Rose has the greatest job).

Top 5 Things restaurants should never serve again.

This is silly. But it made me laugh.

Minimal Monday and #Offline from Seymour Results.


I feel the same way about pink-washing (and green-washing).

Careful, kale addicts! Too much of anything can be bad.

Wouldn’t you love to spend an afternoon chilling out here?

My most repinned pin.

Amazon binder reviews.


5 thoughts on “Around the interwebs

    • xtinakm says:

      No problem! Love your approach to food and life! I know what you mean, I love kale. I also love green tea and drank it so much that it actually dropped my iron levels to the point of anemia. Had to cut it back.

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