Getting even more social…

It’s no secret that I’m a huge advocate of social media. I think the rise of social has fundamentally changed the way that brands communicate with consumers, and I think it’s been a major paradigm shift for everyone in the marketing/public relations profession.  This is nothing new and I’m not here to parrot what I, and may others, have been saying for years now.

I have always started accounts on social outlets that I have felt will be long-lasting – even if I don’t engage heavily on them.  However I have been resistant to Tumblr for years now. I didn’t really see the value of it. I feel that it’s the lazy-man’s blog.

I’ve had an account for a few months, but randomly decided to test some posts today.  It’s definitely easy to use, and I can see how it can compliment a holistic marketing strategy. Honestly there’s not much of a difference between this and Pinterest in terms of the platform but I do see that the audiences are much different.  I plan to engage with this more in the coming weeks to see what kind of long-term benefits there are to Tumblr, but admittedly I don’t think it’s the most  valuable social platform out there.

Want to follow me on Tumblr as I play around?  Bookmark me here:


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