Around the webernets

It seems that my “around the internets” post last week picked up a lot of comments and sparked some conversations, so I am doing it again!  Below please find a collection of articles and pictures that resounded with me this week:

My friend Naomi is going through some health issues and is blogging about it.  It’s really surreal to think about because she is my age. She’s awesome and has an interesting perspective and a side of snark. So check it out.

What can a civilian possibly say to a wounded warrior?  A heart-felt article from Jezebel.  Free of snark.

Let’s lighten it up… CAT BOUNCE!

I’m for it.  I like to know what my food’s made of.

Be happier at home.

Mobile food photography tips.

And tips for the perfect sunrise photos.

Hilarious response to a Facebook comment.  I love when companies can pull this sort of thing off.

And an amazing idea for an afternoon of relaxing.


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