Rudy’s BBQ

Greetings from Austin! We got here late last night (By the skin of our teeth I might add.)

As we were talking with our friend who lives here, we mentioned that we wanted to get BBQ, and we had seen some spots on TV. He told us that while those places are good, the lines are pretty intense.

Upon his recommendation we hit up Rudy’s General Store and BBQ instead. Located across from Barton Springs, Rudy’s is a bit off the beaten path. It’s an old-timey type of building that you would expect to find in Texas. It proudly hails a sign that they have “the worst BBQ in Texas.”. I can assure you that it’s not true.

If you tell the people at the counter that it’s your first time, they all cheer for you and then they get down to business. Before you order they bring you samples of all the popular cuts of meat, and cream corn.

We ended up going with the extra moist brisket and ribs. It was amazing- the ribs were dry rub, peppery and tender. Very juicy and tasty. The brisket was flawless- moist, tender and juicy. It was everything I was looking for in BBQ.






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