7 Tips for a successful airport experience.

So we are back from Austin, and it was awesome. I’m not quite ready to do a whole wrap up of our trip, although you can read some of my posts from the road here and here.  If you follow this blog daily, you probably caught my one-line post about how I hate DFW.  It’s not that it’s an old airport, it’s just too big and every time I fly through Dallas, my arriving flight is late and I have little time to get to my next gate.

Of course this happened this weekend, and while we thankfully made all of our flights, it was only by the skin of our teeth.  We definitely had to haul ass through the airport – literally running up and down stairs and through the terminals with our bags.  It was unavoidable — Hurricane Sandy had messed up so many flight paths.

So with this, I thought I would share some of my tips for successful airport experiences:

1. Get there early. This way you don’t stress out about the lines, finding your gate, etc.

2. If you are driving and parking, leave earlier if there’s rain. Because no one can drive in the rain.

3. Forget the fancy shoes.  Especially if you have a connecting flights. I always see girls in adorable stilettos in the airport, but if their gate is a mile away (likely if you fly American through MIA), or they have a tight connection, they aren’t going to make it.  Store them in the carryon and change once you land in your final destination.

4. Pack light.  I refuse to check luggage unless I have to, and I hate dragging lots of luggage around with my on vacation.

5. Have everything ready.  Please, don’t be “that guy” when it comes time to show your ID to TSA. Please, also don’t be that guy who unpacks and repacks your suitcase when you have to go through security.

6. Be nice. The counter agents can’t help the delays. The TSA can’t help the lines. Being an asshole doesn’t get you any points with anyone.

7. Check for airport tips.  El Hombre would have tried walking from Concourse D to Concourse C in Dallas, rather than take the Sky Train.  Thankfully I have flown through DFW so I convinced him otherwise.

Do you have any tips for making your flying/airport experience easier? Sound off in the comments!


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