Happy Anniversary to Us!

Five years ago today, I was in grad school. I had recently broken up with a boyfriend (total scumbag) and my childhood friend was in town because she was on the verge of a divorce and needed some time away.

I still remember it like it was yesterday.  We went out and found stuff to make our costumes  (we were pirates), we went to Lincoln Road to see the freaks and geeks and then met more of my friends at Purdy to see the Spam Allstars.  It was there that I met El Hombre.  One of my friends first saw him and was dying over his costume. She asked him if he was supposed to be an old Cuban man and he confirmed.  She wandered off with her husband and a few minutes later he struck up a conversation with me. We’ve been together ever since.

Five years later I still think it’s an awesome story.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and it’s one of his.  It makes sense if you know either of us well — we get to dress up (usually something demented) and be mischievous.

What can I say?  We still have so much fun together. He still makes me laugh. We still are inspired to go on dates with each other and we are best friends.

You can probably tell that I am a little obsessed with traveling, and since we have been together, we have taken some awesome trips.  San Francisco, Northern California, Napa, Oregon, Washington, NYC, NC, Key West, Italy , France, Spain, etc.

Don’t mistake me. It’s not all been perfect – no relationship is. We have had our low times and our fights. But we have learned when to give each other space and how to communicate.

It doesn’t feel like we have been together for so long. Sometimes it feels like we just met, and other times I can’t really remember what life was like without El Hombre.

So here’s a song that we both love. This was actually in rotation on his music sets when we used to work events at our friend’s old gallery in Wynwood and always makes me feel like we are going on an adventure where we will discover awesomeness, new friends and lots of laughs.


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