Facebook politics

You can tell that election day is coming closer by the flurry of obnoxious political memes and rants that are popping up on Facebook feeds.  What amazes me though, is that it’s not just individuals posting these – it’s also local businesses.

First of all, I find that most political memes, while mildly amusing, are often referencing things out of context and come off immature.  I can’t imagine how these can benefit local brands.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all about freedom of speech. Every person has the right to their opinions, and to express their opinions.  But when you are representing your business you should really think before hitting that “share” button.  Ideally the strength of your product or service should be your main selling point.  But let’s be real — people take their politics seriously. And posting political rants and sharing memes can seriously hurt your business.

It’s my opinion that one should never discuss politics, religion or money in polite company.  I think the same holds true for businesses.  We aren’t following you to see the latest, over-shared meme, we are following your brand because we are interested in what service or product you provide.

I am all about political discourse, but I have already hidden several people’s feeds and “unliked” some businesses.  So before you post that next rant – is it worth potentially flushing all the hard work of gaining those likes down the drain?

I didn’t think so.


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