Day 30 of the 30 day blogging challenge

Wow. 30 days of straight blogging, done. Like that.  There were definitely some days that I struggled with content. There were others that I drove home with ideas exploding like crazy (unfortunately Siri couldn’t keep up.)

I have learned and relearned some things during this time.  The biggest realization I had is that coming up with content on a daily basis is definitely challenging. Some people post multiple times a day and that’s admirable. They also probably don’t have full-time day jobs, or blogging is their full-time job.

I also learned what picks up most. Those are things about travel, or sharing links for blogs that I like.  Social media topics – not so much.  I am not surprised by either of these things. Travel is aspirational and people like to read about other people’s stories and tips. Everyone wants to feel like they discover the “Off the beaten path” stuff.  Social media is much more niche, and typically considered work-related.

I made a comment a few posts ago that my entries on weekends don’t get as many hits. What I’ve discovered is that’s not necessarily true.  The hits come a few days later.

Going forward I have the following plans:

– I definitely want to keep this blog up to date with content, multiple times a week. I will try to keep the daily posts going for as long as I can.

– I need to invest time into my sidebar links, and build up a blogroll.

– I want to eventually move to my own domain.

– I definitely want to work on sharing more images and video in my posts. I think I will need to eventually switch to a new theme though.

– Finally I want to better integrate my social platforms.


What are your thoughts on this blogging challenge? Have you participated in this one or similar? Do you have suggestions on content?


2 thoughts on “Day 30 of the 30 day blogging challenge

  1. Shona says:

    This is really interesting! I’m doing a 30-posts-30-days thing this month. So far I’m surviving on just random stuff that I think of but later on I know I’m going to be resorting to list posts/photos/words I like. Hopefully it won’t come to that!

    • xtinakm says:

      I definitely think that writing stuff down as you think of it helps. Fortunately we were able to survive off a picture of a video if we wanted, and we didn’t have a word limit. I tried to avoid that where possible. Good luck!

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