Comfort food

Lately I’ve been feeling that draggy, awful feeling that I might be about to get slapped in the face with some sort of winter plague and I am not happy about it.  All weekend I felt sapped of energy, and today I had absolutely no focus. I couldn’t carry on a conversation and simple tasks took way too long.

It’s inevitable – everyone around me seems to be getting sick (except El Hombre.)  So today I got home and threw together a pot lentejas.  Ever since I’ve tried Spanish-style lentil soup, I’ve been hooked. I never liked it before because it was always stewy and people don’t tend to cook the lentils all the way through. But today I was craving something brothy, full of veggies, pork and protein.

I can’t say that it will kick this lingering cold out of my system, but I feel a lot better. For those of you who don’t know, I am a soup person. I can eat soup in any weather, on any day at any time. It’s my comfort food. And there’s nothing better than using up all my veggies before they go bad. I never really work from recipes — if anything I find a base of a soup and then alter it however I see fit.

What’s your comfort food? Any recipes I should try?


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