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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We’ve been up since early, scrubbing our condo down in preparation for guests. We have never hosted Thanksgiving before, and when El Hombre told me on Monday night I honestly thought I would have a meltdown. But I didn’t, and surprisingly I’m actually kind of excited.

With our intense cleaning, I’ve found inspiration to pick up on some projects around the house again. Since I have tomorrow off and El Hombre doesn’t, maybe I’ll get a head start (since you won’t catch me anywhere near a mall.)

Anyways, here are some things I’ve found around the interwebs:

I am thankful that the caregiver who gave so much love and support to my grandmother earned a national award.  One of my aunts actually nominated her.

I’ll happily take any one of these trips (I’ve already hit up the Cinque Terre one)

I would also love to attempt one of these trips.

Putting these on my “to make” list.

El Hombre just bought this to clean our furniture and it’s awesome.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday natural beauty deals.


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