Lotto dreams

One of my friends tweeted earlier that he bought Powerball tickets.  He doesn’t buy them often, but figured “why not give it a chance?” And really, who doesn’t play the lottery every so often?

Occasionally El Hombre and I will buy a ticket or two. Randomly I’ll spot off plans for win the lottery that we never play.  Usually it starts with paying off all my debt and investing a good chunk.  Today if I found out that I had the winning Powerball ticket I would rent a little spot in Northern Italy and travel all throughout the Mediterranean, North Africa and Europe.  Then I would go home for awhile, head to South America, then Asia and back home.  I’d also like to hit all 50 states, become as close to fluent as possible in Italian and Spanish and seriously improve my photography skills.

I’d also take my family along for some of the ride and donate my time to local non-profit organizations that I feel make a real impact in the community.

What would you do?


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