Around the Interwebs

Whoops! I skipped a post yesterday. Sorry guys, I just wasn’t inspired. But it’s almost the weekend (this one almost doesn’t count because I work on Saturday.)  Can I just tell you guys that El Hombre is awesome? I’ve been working really long days and he’s been taking over in the kitchen. This is awesome because if I eat one more bite of turkey, I might go mad.

On a totally random note, my coworker and I were talking about books and it’s so awesome to have someone who likes the same kind of literature that I do. Also it’s awesome that she’s just as nerdy/bookwormy as me.  Speaking of reading, here are some things I liked this week:

Even Lebron plays the Powerball sometimes.

Art Basel is almost here! I can’t wait to hit Wynwood.

This Pin says it all.

This guy is awesome.

How did I just now discover that Anthony Bourdain has a Tumblr? (I think he has the most awesome job)

Good news.

Miami’s iconic dive bars.


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