I’m back

After about half a week I am back! I’ve been a bit under the weather so I have barely had the energy to get through the day, much less write.

Between putting in a lot of hours at the office to finish up a few projects, not feeling well and trying to get my holiday stuff out of the way, I finally took a note from my own lecture and took some time for myself.  When you have that much going on, the last thing you should do is continue to pile more on, right? So I got a much-overdue massage, haircut and mani/pedi (I meant it when I said I took time for myself.)

Now as I look at my calendar, I am only a few weeks away from heading to NC and I am ready! I love Florida, but I would like at least a few days of weather below 60 degrees to remind me that it’s winter.

Some of the things on my list to do in the Carolinas are as follows:

1. Eat good Mac ‘n Cheese

2. Take photos around the greenway

3. See my childhood friends

4. Bike all around the low country and take pictures around Charleston (I haven’t been back in 7 years. Isn’t that crazy?)

5. Eat my parents out of house and home (my mom is a fabulous cook.)

6. Are any of you currently living the Charlotte area? Is there anything cool I should check out while I’m back home? Admittedly I very rarely visit and I usually am without a car.


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