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Holy cow guys, where has the year gone? I can’t believe we are already almost in 2013. A lot has gone on this week. I battled the office plague and won (not without 16 hours of sleep and dreams about dinosaurs in Victorian houses), I’ve buttoned up my annual girls trip and I made ginger snaps for the first time. From scratch.

Ok, so maybe it really isn’t a lot but I still think everything’s been a resounding success.

And with that, I will leave you with some evening reading:

Every iPhone 5 user is breathing a sigh of relief today.

Leave the cats alone!

Speaking of cats… mine is apparently a yogi.

Facebook fail. My marketing nerd self thinks the video is super interesting though.

Pssst… check out some of my photos from Art Basel (more to come via Flickr.)

Chanel draws inspiration from controversial historical figures. (Love it)

There’s a meteor shower tonight.

Holiday food that benefits your skin.

Such a crazy story.

Tips on how to survive the Mayan Apocalypse.


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