Looking forward

I’ve debated writing a New Year’s resolution post.  I mean, they are sort of littered around the internet and I don’t like the concept of resolutions. Actually, to be more accurate, I don’t like the word “resolution.” It’s so absolute.  But I am a marketing person – while I don’t like resolutions, I DO like goals and benchmarks.

Last year I did a “Year in Review” over at 305, and this is what ended up happening:

  • Continue to build a financial reserve (made easier by new job.) I didn’t build as much of a reserve as I would have liked, but I did hack away at my student loans pretty aggressively.
  • Continue to strengthen myself and stay in shape. Ongoing goal for me.  In 2012 I completed a 5k and I have never been able to run before.
  • Get back to karate, now that I have put this knee injury behind me.
  • Pay off a bigger chunk of my student loans of doom.
  • Write and blog more – although this may be at an undisclosed, new location Thanks to the 30 day blogging challenge I participated in this past October! And this blog is the “undisclosed, new location”
  • Travel to the following places:
    • Iceland
    • Austin, TX
    • San Francisco, L.A. (via southern part of PCH) This ended up being up the coast to Seattle instead
    • Key West 
    • Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC
    • Chile

So based off this, in 2013 I would like to accomplish the following:

  • Pay off at least 1/3rd of my student loans (This is part of my long-term goal of getting out of debt)
  • Travel to at least 3 new states (tentatively on the list: Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont)
  • Travel to a new country
  • Complete another 5k
  • Complete a 10k
  • Be more regular about my checkups
  • Continue to stay on track with writing
  • Learn a new skill
  • Cook a new dish a month
  • Start sparring again
  • Improve my photography



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