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Happy New Year everyone! It’s a weird week for me because I had Monday & Tuesday off, so today is my Tuesday/Thursday.  I’m really excited by all the new prospects of this upcoming year. I am also excited that I am caught up on several things both personally and professionally.

Lately I have caught myself thinking in Italian. I’m not fluent or anything, but I did grow up hearing my grandparents speak it, and I studied it throughout college.  Isn’t that weird? Maybe it’s because we have tentative plans to go for a visit near the end of the year.  Does that ever happen to you?

In the meantime, here are some interesting things I found around my social networks and beyond:

A startup born from the God particle?

Just Picasso being awesome.

Five ways to learn a new language.

Want to plant an herb/veggie garden? Here’s a cool resource.

Have you read this? I loved it.

The rules for being amazing.

An old, happy song for a new, happy year.

And this is happening. I can’t wait!



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