On reading blogs

So I have a routine during the week.  I leave work and drive either to karate, the gym or bellydance. Or I go straight home.  I chat for a bit with El Hombre (if he is home) and then I surf though my favorite blogs.

But lately I am finding that a lot of my blogs I like to read (which run the gamut in terms of topics) are not being updated with any sort of regular frequency.  Come on people! Don’t you know you are critical to my unplugging/decompressing process?

There’s nothing more frustrating than clicking the link to a site that you love, and seeing the same old post.  Yes I know I can RSS it in and save myself the hassle, but it’s not the same.  And I get too much junk email anyways.

Then I got to thinking that I have been slacking off a bit more than I like. So I can’t complain if I do the same thing.  That’s just rude, right?

So here it goes. I’ve been posting once or twice a week, so going to try to kick it to two to three times a week.  Let’s roll peeps.


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