100 happy things

Full disclosure:  I am completely biting this post from my buddy, Kelley.  It’s so easy to fall into a negative rut, or focus on what stresses you out throughout the week. I liked how she took an idea from Twitter and turned it into a post because when you write these things, it makes you realize how many things can really turn a rough day around.

Here are my 100 things, in no particular order:

1. Traveling somewhere new

2. Long catch-up conversations with friends

3. The feeling of sun on my skin

4. Hammocks

5. Just hanging out with El Hombre

6. Being on the boat

7. The smell of suntan lotion

8. Swimming in water

9. A good book

10.  A really good workout

11. That sore feeling after a good workout

12. Karate

13. Bellydance

14. Roadtripping with El Hombre

15. Eating a really good meal.

16. Making a really good meal.

17. Thunderstorms

18. Sleeping late

19. That feel of “leveling up” in karate or weight training

20. Problem solving

21. The Django Reinhardt station on Pandora

22. Planning vacations

23. Being somewhere new

24. Taking pictures

25. Tea

26. My cats

27. Puppy breath

28. Thrifting

29. Ogling jewelry online

30. Picking out pictures for my epic display of photos and such

31. Surprising El Hombre with little treats (yesterday I got him these)

32. El Hombre’s perfect timing in sending me awesome texts and/or emails

33. People watching/judging

34. Discovering new restaurants

35. Coffee

36. Cleaning

37. Hanging on the beach

38. Motown

39. 90’s music

40. Pranks

41. Adventures

42. The Keys

43. Juicing

44. Soup

45. Pasta

46. Practicing my Italian

47. Pinterest

48. The color orange

49. Making lists

50. Crossing things off lists

51. Learning new things

52. Analyzing the hell out of stuff (I love data)

53. Cuddling

54. Researching

55. Anchor images

56. Looking at vintage styles

57. Organizing

58. Chocolate

59. Watching the Miami Hurricanes

60. Visiting my family and walking everywhere

61. Sunflowers

62. Exploring farmers markets

63. Coming up with dance combos (this is a rare thing)

64. When that perfect song comes on at the right time

65. Mischievous people

66. Babies

67. Talking to my brother

68. This music video – so absurd

69. Grey nail polish

70. Getting my hair cut

71. Seeing good things happen to good people

72. Taking trips with my girls

73. Riding bikes

74. A good challenge

75. History

76. Figuring out how stuff works (and by default, how to unbreak things)

77. Liquid eye liner

78. Really authentic Italian food

79. Indian food

80. The Native American influence on style lately

81. Steampunk

82. That awesome feeling of paying off your debt

83. Moving up

84. That moment when people realize I’m smarter than they gave me credit for

85. Proving my value

86. The constant battle that El Hombre and I have in which we try to see who can take a joke too far.  You don’t want to know.

87. Girls night out

88. Really good wine

89. California

90. Trinidad State Beach park

91. Stage makeup

92. Performing

93. My Ryan Adams station on Pandora

94. Southern Accents

95. My herb garden

96. Waking up snuggled with El Hombre (and our cats)

97. Sincerity

98. Honey face masks

99. Spa days and pampering in general

100. Reading

It’s actually a little challenging to think of 100 things right at once. So many little things that make me happy are sublime little things.  For me it all comes back to adventures, learning, relationships (and honestly, pranks)


What about you?


3 thoughts on “100 happy things

    • xtinakm says:

      Hey, yes it is hard – especially after a long day.

      I am a tribal and tribal fusion bellydance. Our troop performs both fusion and American Tribal Style dance (group improvisational)

      • shellakers says:

        That is so cool! I didn’t know what Tribal Fusion belly dance was so I looked it up on youtube. Wow! That would take so much control and talent! I’m impressed!

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