Happy Friday! The Internet Edition!

/Hey everyone!  Happy Friday!  I fell off posting a bit this week.  It’s been busy, what can I say?  I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day was a happy one.  I don’t believe in the holiday because I don’t want people to feel obligated to get me something, but El Hombre surprised me with a basket filled with awesome chocolate, wine and amaretto cookies.  Plus he made me a mix full of awesome songs and picked up the house before I got home.  Very sweet 🙂  Then we went to eat Chinese food.  If you live in Miami and you haven’t tried Tropical Chinese then you are seriously missing out.

Anyway, here are some stories that caught my eye this week:

A Kelly Clarkson photobomb – Grammy’s style

South Florida’s latitude is interesting.

Five lessons to learn from Hil’.

Understanding Sikhism.  My friend just got married in India in a traditional Sikh ceremony and it looked so beautiful!

I am very excited to try to make this and this.

Who wants to stay in this tree house?  I do!

Tut Tut.


I’m diggin’ this local blog.

Have a happy weekend guys!  Enjoy our “cold front.”


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