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A centennial post

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This, my friends, is my 100th post here on Amaro e Dolce.  It feels like any other post, but I feel obligated to write some magical post.  Somehow I doubt that will happen.

On a random note, I just finished reading All This Talk of Love by Christopher Castellani. It’s the third and final book in his trilogy about an Italian woman named Maddalena.  I read the first two books years ago, and have been waiting (very patiently) for this one to come out.  My mother is Italian (Actually from Italy) and there is a distinct mindset and humor that Italians have and Castellani translates it well into his story.  It made me nostalgic for Italy and for family – I love when books have that impact.  It also makes me happy that Italians and Italian Americans can share stories that in no way resemble the Jersey Shore.

Semi-related, below is a beautiful version of “Such Great Heights” that passed through on one of my Pandora stations today. It’s drowsy, relaxing and beautifully full of hope. I love it and I hope you do too.


Author: xtinakm

I'm a digital and interactive communications geek. My roots are Italian and Southern American and like Miami, I'm kind of all over the place.

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