Travel Theme: Bridges

So, let me tell you, I’m digging these weekly travel themes from “Where’s my Backpack?”  This week’s theme is a macro view of a part of travel that many of us may not think to highlight — bridges.  As sort of a background on me – when I was younger (and even into college) I hated bridges.  They terrified me.  I had to close my eyes when we would cross them because otherwise I would start worrying about irrational things, like the bridge falling, or us driving off it.  Weird.

Then I went to college in Charleston and had to deal with bridges, because I had no other choice.  I would still drive all the way to North Miami to avoid driving over the old Cooper River Bridges.  When they elected to rebuild them, I rejoiced.  To date, I still have never been on the new bridges, but one day I will.

When you think of a bridge from a literary point of view, it represents different things. Connections, progress, overcoming obstacles.  Travel is much like that. And most major destinations have bridges.  Think about it – water is an important resource, for travel, business, and the most basic need – drinking.  It’s only natural that bridges spring up as a result.

Below are pictures that I have snapped over the years on my travels:

The Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio in Florence. It’s cool to stroll across at night because it looks like a bunch of sealed treasure chests.

Golden Gate Bridge at Night

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge, taken from the other side of the bay. Random fact, San Francisco is definitely my favorite US city.

Roman Bridge

The bridge leading to the historic Castel Sant’Angelo – right outside Vatican City. Catarina Sforza stormed the castle and held the Vatican at gun point until they promised to not take away her children’s inheritance.

Strolling across the Brooklyn Bridge

Strolling across the Brooklyn Bridge is a great way to see New York.  Also, Brooklyn rocks


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