Almost the weekend

Guys, I am fully back into the martial arts swing of things.  I took a couple years off for a variety of reasons, and now that I’m back, I realize how much I missed it.  Maybe not the bruises, but the actual training.  There is nothing like the feeling of screaming muscles, or feeling strength you didn’t have before. I am one of those people who gets addicted to exercise, by the way.  Ironic because I used to be so, so lazy as a kid.

Thankfully the weekend is upon us. I’ll be spending it running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  What about you guys?

Fallen Fruit

Fight the onion-causing tears! (my friend swears by sticking your face in the freezer.)

Castro to step down?

Spicy wedding traditions – my friend wrote this article and knows about it, first hand.

Cleopatra’s half sister, possibly found.


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