A Boston Adventure

Each year for the past few years, my friend Beth and I have taken a girls’ trip.  We met in college and have been close ever since.  When I was in grad school and broke as a joke, she would come to South Florida and we would hang.  Now that she’s back in school, it’s reversed.  Last year I went to visit her in Texas – which I ended up liking more than I ever thought I would.  This year we chose Boston.

Why Boston, when I so vocally hate cold weather?  Well, she had a conference she had to go to and Boston is cheaper in the winter (I wonder why.)  I had only been once before, in the summer when I was 16 or so and loved it.  Beth had never been. But we both lived in Charleston, which is smaller but similar.

I got lucky – I flew in the day after a really cold day, so the temperatures were in the 30s/40s in the day and the low 30s at night.  We stayed in Cambridge, right by MIT and walked everywhere.  When I was in Boston the first time around, we never hit Cambridge.  It’s super cool.  It reminds me of Brooklyn in some ways.  The food was phenomenal everywhere we went, and we walked all over the place.

I really like Boston. I am going back in the summer and I can’t wait.  People are really nice and laid back. The food is great and the city is super walkable and if you don’t want to walk then you can take public transit.  When you are in Cambridge you are surrounded by some of the smartest people you will ever meet, and some of the most active.  As we were walking around, we saw endless runners and bikers.

Here are some pics of our trip:

Silly Sign in Boston

Ridiculous Sign in Boston – rolling with my gnomies

Amazing Sticky Bun

Sticky Bun come soon, mon

Sail boats on the Charles River in Boston

Sail boats on the Charles River in Boston

Indian Food in Cambridge - Boston, MA

Amazing little Indian restaurant in Cambridge. The perfect way to stay warm on a cold night

Cemetery in the snow - Cambridge

Cemetery in the snow – Cambridge

Beth at Breakfast - Cambridge

Brunch in Cambridge. Great little greek spot that serves breakfast all day long.

Red ring with gold and diamond

My souvenir that I just couldn’t resist.

Boston snow at Dusk

Boston snow at Dusk


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