On love

We first met back in 2000, and even then I think I knew I was in love.  I was a lot younger then and wrote it off as mere infatuation, but the longer I stayed away, the more I knew I couldn’t deny it. I am talking, of course, about Miami.

Many of my friends have moved away from home for school or for work.  I moved to Miami when I was 23 for no reason other than the fact that I loved it. I loved the mix of cultures, the beach, the tropical weather and the promise of something new.  I grew up in Charlotte, NC and went to school in Charleston, SC.  Aside from a summer in Italy, I had never lived somewhere so different from what I was used to.

Today I took the day off from work — I needed a mental health day in which I was totally alone, and I also needed to get some errands done (taxes, car stuff).  In the morning I ended up in downtown – close to where I had my first job.  I forgot how much I love downtown Miami during the day.  It’s sort of like being in a caribbean city but with a historic American twist.  The little shops, the total mix of people and even the way it smells is so totally and completely Miami.

Afterwards I wound through back streets to get to South Miami.  Most tourists will never discover the route that I took and that’s a shame.  It’s beautiful and shaded with trees and Spanish moss – perfect for driving with windows down and the sunroof open.  If I had another day off I would head to the beach in a heartbeat.  Not South Beach, but mid beach where I like to walk on the boardwalk, and there’s a break in people.

I have been to a decent amount of places, and very rarely do I walk through a place and feel at home.  The only other places I can think of that illicit the same feelings are Italy and the bay area.  If I hadn’t started growing roots here in South Florida I would already be packing my bags in a whirlwind to move to one or the other – and lately it’s been tempting.

I’m glad I had today to myself because it reminded me that aside from the craziness that is my life, I really do love it here.



3 thoughts on “On love

      • shellakers says:

        I’ll bet you’re right about many people not scratching the surface of what Miami really is. My brother has visited a couple of times and each time he hated it more than the last. We’re opposite of each other so I figured it sounded like a place I’d probably love 😉

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