Almost the weekend

It’s Thursday, and people I’m in a Keys frame of mind.  I love that the Florida Keys are basically in our back yard.  It’s so easy to jet down to Key West for the weekend and spend time with our friends, riding bikes and boating.  I feel like once you are in Monroe County it’s physically impossible to be stressed out or think about work.  Sometimes we go for the whole weekend, and other times it’s just day trips to the middle keys.  Either way, I’ll have something to report on next week. I haven’t really written anything about the Keys in particular, and I really want to share one of my favorite places with you guys.

In the interim, here are some random things to enjoy this weekend:

I would love to go here!

My friend’s story about milking a buffalo in India.  She’s awesome.

The science of soil.

I seriously need to take this advice.  Here’s the irony – one of the girls on my team emailed this link to me after seeing the state of my work inbox.

Hurricane season is coming, are you prepared?

I’ve been wanting to go to Bologna for some time now.

Preordered this and I am SO EXCITED!


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