10 things I learned from my mom

Lately I’ve been feeling kind of blah and stressed out, and I’ve been trying to prevent myself from writing some sort of emo-sounding blog post (yes I know, 2001 called and they want their words back.)  In searching around the interwebs, I found Cup of Jo’s entry on 10 things she learned from her mom and I liked it.  So here’s my take on 10 things I learned from my mom:

1. Be proud of who you are and where you come from.

2. Call if you are going to be late.

3. Always write a handwritten, personalized “Thank You” note.

4. Pasta makes you happy.

5. You don’t need to wear a lot of makeup.

6. Always triple-wash your produce.

7. Family always comes first.

8. Being different is definitely harder, but that doesn’t mean you should change who you are.

9. Friends are about quality, not quantity.

10. If you are anxious or in a bad mood, take a walk around the block.

My mom is from Italy, and she moved from Italy to West Virginia when she was a kid.  As a result she stood out.  She had an accent, she didn’t speak English all that well, and as a result people picked on her.  Unlike my dad and myself, she is more introverted.  Sometimes she can come off as pessimistic, but she can read people like no other.  I totally get my stoic  nature, my twisted sense of humor and my habit of wearing all dark colors from her.

What lessons have you learned from your mother?  Let’s discuss!


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