Around the webernets

Hi guys!  I missed this entry last week, so I may have some double duty going on this week.  In other news, my vacation comes closer.  I also think I am going to Idaho and Montana this year.  Crazy?  Maybe.  But Glacier National Park is calling my name. Or maybe that’s the sound of my inner nomad.  Same thing, right?

Some grammar craziness (my inner nerd is really showing with this one.)

Loved this post on Colombia from Anthony Bourdain.  I need to go there. (ps, want to Tumble with me?)

Speaking of Tumblr, greatest Tumblr blog ever.

Golden Retrievers were already my favorite kind of dog.  This story is just one more reason why they are so awesome. Plus what a great idea.

That’s so Miami.

Speaking of Miami, here are 37 reasons why people either love or hate it here.  I love it.

Modern Farmers.

I love staying in Brooklyn when we go to New York.

Let’s also mention that Jordan has been on my travel bucket list for awhile too.

I also am in love with this ring.


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