Almost the weekend

It’s been a busy week and some of my personal stuff has fallen off.  Things like blogging and going to the gym (although I did hit dance and karate so not a complete failure.)  But it’s also been a productive week, and sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of swimming with the current instead of against it. Plus I have almost all the lodging for our trip that’s coming up.

This weekend I will make up for/regret my lack of running because El Hombre and I are doing a mud run.  This will be my first and his second and we are running as part of a team that supports an organization that helps kids with cleft palates.

What are you guys up to this weekend?  Below find some reading material:

I would totally adopt a cat like this if we weren’t already catted up.

The desperate search for the perfect jeans.

12 alternatives to the big 3 in Italy.

Word to this TED talk about guerrilla gardening.

I have bike envy.


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