Around the internets – almost the weekend

What’s up guys? It’s almost the weekend and my sunburn is almost gone! That means more outdoor time, and remembering sunscreen for me!  Last weekend we did a mud run — my first and El Hombre’s second. It was an absolute blast, and it makes running worthwhile.  I mean, I run but I truly hate it.  Running is my least favorite exercise, but races are super fun.  Weird, right? Because I wasn’t able to keep up, I’ll probably add running as a weekend “to do” that never gets crossed off the list. It’s also one week and one day from my vacation and I cannot wait!

Spazz time over, here’s some weekend/slacking off on Friday reading for you all:

Great Craigslist ad

I want to check some of these places out.

The Great Catsby

I also want to do this. Who’s in?

Cutest picture ever.




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