Almost the long weekend + vacation

It’s about to be a long weekend and I leave for vacation after work tomorrow.  One of the things that motivates me is change, and exploring new places.  When we actually go on vacation, I am the planner and El Hombre goes with the flow.  At first it used to annoy me because I mistakenly assumed his non-chalance was disinterest, but the more we travel together, the more I realize that there can only be one crazy planner in the relationship.  And that’s me!

One of the things I am not great at is sitting in the airport.  So below will be a “how I will amuse myself while waiting to board a plane” theme.

My Kindle is all charged up and I am ready to read this book (I’ve been waiting so, so long)

I’ll also be catching up on all the Tribal Fest performances from last week.  This is one of my dance heroines, btw.

A song from my current music obsession.

Nerding out about how software development is now crossing in to marketing.

Next week I will probably be a bit light on the posts, but I’ll try to check in when I can.

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day everyone!


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