Almost the weekend

This has been a trying week for me guys.  My patience is officially maxed out, which means my posts have been short. I don’t like to write when I am frustrated because I hate to vent rage posts.  SO, this weeks’ collection of links is all about stuff that helps me take a deep breath and step back from the proverbial ledge.

Yesterday El Hombre and I ate here and it was fantastic.  I love our impromptu date nights.

This kid is awesome! Why is Monsanto still ok? How does an 11 year old know more about this than most adults?

This is awesome for so many reasons.  I love when people do interactive YouTube videos.

Hipsters who dress like Jackie from Roseanne.

David Sedaris on family.  Love him.

Who are the Roma people?

This sums up my day perfectly.

I am coveting this bike.


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