Ride it out

So I finally took the plunge and got a new bike.  I’ve been toying with the idea for awhile now, but my other bike is in perfectly workable condition so I couldn’t really justify it.  But I wanted something lighter, more sleek and with a vintage feel.  So after searching and searching, I finally made the plunge and bought the Linus Dutchi 3.  It’s everything I wanted and it makes me reminiscent of all the amazing bikes I saw throughout Italy.

All day today I was itching to get out and start testing it out – but alas a girl’s gotta work.  Once I got home, I was practically out the door.  I’m still getting used to the steering a bit, as the step through has a totally different feel from my hybrid, but it feels so cool and effortless – especially since it’s not nearly as heavy as my old bike. If I could bike to work every day, I totally would.  I used to when I lived and worked on the beach.  Unfortunately a 32 mile commute is not an option.

The new bike!

The new bike!


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