How to celebrate a Heat win like a local

So, in case you haven’t heard, the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals last night. Now, many people like to argue that Heat fans are bandwagon fans because of what they see on TV. I’d like to set a few things straight about that.

You see, Heat tickets are mad expensive and Miami-Dade County is actually one of the poorest metro-areas in the US, so you can pretty much assume that most Heat fans are the ones in the bars or at home watching the game. And when they win the champions, people gather in different areas to celebrate together.

So how do you celebrate? Well, El Hombre and I hopped on our bikes and coasted down Bird Road with hundreds of others to gather at La Carreta. So how do you celebrate like a local in Southwest Miami? It’s easy. You just go all out — and here are some of the ways you can show your team pride:

  • Pots and pans are a must. Extra points if you paint them in Heat colors.
  • Horns are a must. Car horns, party horns or vuvuzela. This is the only time you can lay on your car horn and no one gets road rage.
  • Got a flag? Wrap it around your neck like a cape, or wave it around like crazy – either on the back of a car, on top of a truck, or running down the street. It can be an American flag, a Cuban flag, a Miami Heat flag — just not the other team’s flag.
  • Extra points for costumes. Dressed as Stitch from the Disney movie and dancing to Gangnum Style? Awesome. We also saw Gumby and the Blue Man Group.
  • You need a way to cruise in the unofficial Bird Road parade. ATVs, bicycles, school buses and horse-drawn carriages all work.
  • You have to be into it. No matter how cheesy and stupid you think it sounds, there’s nothing like being in a crowd of people screaming and shouting and dancing with joy.

Listen, people love to hate the Heat and that’s fine. But when we celebration, we go all out. It’s just one of the quirky, absurd things that you have to love about this city.


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