Almost the weekend

You know what’s exhausting? Talking all day.  You know what’s even more exhausting? Talking all day, every day this week.  I’ve been slammed with all sorts of meetings and presentations, and while I thoroughly enjoy my job, it’s tiring to be “on” all day.  Especially with a sinus infection that’s threatening.

But at least the weekend is almost here, and I have been able to make a lot of progress on projects this week.  So I am planning on celebrating by sleeping absurdly late all weekend.

In my downtime, in which I have been completely vegging out, this is what caught my eye this week:

Summertime is downtime.  But not for me.

Interesting debate.  I’m on the “first look” side of things myself.

I would take any of these bags, thank you!

News to me

I covet this


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