Almost the weekend edition

So if you live in South Florida, or follow any South Floridians on social network, you know it’s raining. Alot.  While I want to go outside and ride my bike, there’s something really soothing about falling asleep to, or waking up to a rainy day. Even though I’ve been a bit stressed out, sitting at home with a book (or Candy Crush) with the sound of rain is really rather relaxing. And it’s not ridiculously hot.

On a side note, I am going to be a bit exaggerative and state that one of the worst decisions I have ever made is downloading Candy Crush.  So addictive.

Anyway, as the weekend gets here, if you are stuck inside, here’s some entertainment:

The nostalgia playlist

Central Park in Miami? Please?

What happens when you love Craigslist.  I’m now following this blog.

I need this dress.

Another reason to go to Peru.

Classical statues dressed up.

Have a great (dry) weekend!


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