5 things to make life better

So in case you didn’t know, I’m a zero to 60 kind of girl.  I don’t do anything halfway – it’s just not who I am.  As a result, I tend to not realize that I am accruing stress until I get to a breaking point.  So today I wanted to talk about some of the ways I try to decompress:

1. Exercise — when all else fails, it’s hard to maintain stress when you’re kicking your butt on the squat rack or the treadmill

2. Read — It’s all about distracting my mind in other ways.  Amazon probably loves me because of how much I download on my Kindle.

3. Pamper — I try to get regular massages (both because of stress and high impact exercise) but there are many ways to also pamper yourself at home.  This weekend I tried this and followed up with this – and felt the difference.

4. Listen — Lately I’ve been listening to music that always made me happy in college.  It’s been so long since I listened to some of this stuff and so it also brought back some really fun memories.

5. Get Out — vacations are always a great choice, but if you are saving money you’d be surprised by some of the cool things you can find, just by checking out neighboring counties, cities or neighborhoods.  We like to take day-trips to the Keys when we can.

What are some of your decompression/stress management tips?



2 thoughts on “5 things to make life better

  1. jordan says:

    Christina – I love this post, and I try to practice a lot of these things, too! I think as we get older…. err, wiser… we develop a better sense of what our limits are and find it’s a little easier to balance. But it definitely takes work.

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