Thoughts on Cancer

First let me preface this with the statement that I do not have cancer, and I hope I never get that prognosis.  Unfortunately I have seen many others who have been diagnosed — some who look forward to recovery, and some who did not.  Cancer is a terrifying and horrible disease, and it seems to becoming more prevalent among my generation.

But this post is not to talk about the obvious horror of cancer, and it’s not going to be my soapbox on my beliefs as to why I see more and more of my peers having to face this.

You see, my job has decided to participate (and generously contribute) to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night walk.  Normally I don’t like to go out and ask people for money, and having worked in non-profit, I am picky about the organizations I support. But this is a good organization.

You see, El Hombre has lost two family members to blood-based cancer, and one of my childhood friends has lost an uncle to Leukemia.  It’s horrible. It’s a hideous disease, and the L&L society is doing a lot of really good and really interesting research to come up with a cure.

We are living in an amazing moment of time where we could see a cure for these horrible diseases in our lifetime.  Any research to cure Leukemia & Lymphoma will also benefit other cancer breakthroughs.  So please consider donating to our cause, even if it’s only a few dollars. It’s tax deductible, and it’s also the right thing to do.  If you are not in a place to give, please consider sharing this link with those who could.


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