On Packing #SMCSFBlog

I have major wanderlust, and in my lazing around and surfing travel pictures on Pinterest, I thought I’d share my philosophy on packing, to explore effectively.

You see, most women I know end up packing so much that they have to check bags. That means additional fees, waiting on baggage claim, and lugging a big suitcase (or three) all over the place. I can’t do that.  As soon as I land somewhere, I like to hit the ground running.  In fact, I travel so light that even if I am going out of the country for two weeks, I still only have my carry on and personal item.

So how do I get everything I need in to one small bag?  I only take a few bottoms, a few tops and two pairs of shoes (plus whatever I wear on the plane.)  I obsessively mix and match everything beforehand to make sure I have enough outfit combinations.  I also may take a dress or two, but that’s it.

Most of the time I just want to be comfortable because when I travel, I walk everywhere.  I like to be able to stop, take pictures, jot notes and enjoy being someplace out of my comfort zone.  Nothing annoys me more than packing things I never wear. Or wanting to buy something and not having space to take it back with me. Or having to drag unwieldy bags  on to public transit or down cobblestone streets.


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